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Established: 2016

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 16 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

The initial proposal was good and the salesman was upfront and charismatic about the proposal. Though not the best deal offered, I chose to consider this vendor due to the comfortable atmosphere I felt in dealing with the salesman. Upon reading the contract I saw several points that I could not agree with involving the payment schedule and risks involved with materials. The salesman vocalized that the risks inferred by the contract were things that they as the contractor would never pursue, but was unwilling to get the contract changed to help me feel comfortable signing it. We were unable to come to an agreement as a result of the contract not being flexible enough to protect my interest as well as theirs.


4911 Windplay Drive Suite 4

El Dorado Hills, CA
95762 United States


Limited lifetime warranty on all of our work, 25 year warranty on all of our modules and inverters


California Solar & Storage Association Member & Authorized SunPower Dealer. Premium Panasonic Installer & Certified REC Installer. Presidents Circle Member of CALSSA.


Tesla Solar Roof Certified Installer


$1,000,000 liability & workers compensation


Certified C-10 electrical contractor

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