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Established: 2001

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 14 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

Luxlight Solar Energy always returned my calls and messages the same day. Billing was online and very easy. The work was done well. They were clear with me before I accepted the bid as to what they were going to do. They submitted plans to the county promptly, but my roof is non-standard and San Mateo County was very conservative about its review, and response to the county’s comments required additional drawings and another engineer stamp, which they also provided promptly. I’m a civil engineer and did calculations before I accepted the bid and came up that there was a big factor of safety, but they worked with the county very professionally and conformed fully with their comments even though it cost them more than they originally planned. As I was gone a lot of the time, and had a narrow window of availability, they worked with me on scheduling without complaint. Although they’re located in the Sacramento valley, they were accustomed to working all over the Bay Area, even in the coastal area where we are. They were easy to work with and the installers were great. Although my job was complicated and impacted by the COVID-19 lockdowns, the whole thing went very smoothly and I recommend them. We get lots of energy from the panels they installed and seldom incur any electrical charges at all.


17985 N. Tretheway Rd.

Lockeford, CA
95237 United States


25 Years




2,000,000 per, Liability, Workers Comp, Commercial vehicle


C10: 798251

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