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My house, built in the ’60s, is atypical. Keith came out after I accepted the quote and went over the site. I pointed out my concerns about ventilation with the roof since I’d switched from tar & gravel to elastomeric seven years before. In connection with the solar job, he arranged for an excellent and reasonable roofer to take care of the problems with my roof. The electrical wand that brought power into my house had rusted away and was routed through galvanized piping in a way that made my attic impassable. He fixed the wand and rerouted the power to the main and box as part of the job. He threw in a 50V receptacle from the new solar breaker box for my EV (my main box was full). The outage time was minimal. Although the crawl space is very uncomfortable and he had to do lengthy troubleshooting on my switch box to get all the neutral connections set right, he never complained about extra work. He patched the sheetrock well and was very clean. He kept in touch with me the whole time and always showed up when he said he would. It was lots of work but it was in an efficient and timely manner while we were on lockdown for Coronavirus (electrical work was allowed as essential). He had to return for a remote inspection via cell phone with the County. Included in the job was battery backup by Sonnen that took some time to set up but I am very pleased with it. I am happy with the job and will use them again when I’m ready to add some more panels and increase battery capacity.


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25 years we stand behind manufacture’s warranty and workmanship, so you don’t have to worry about labor costs. 10 year penetration warranty.


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