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EnergySage Rating Value: 4.5 from 13 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

After conducting research on what I wanted to install myself, I found that most suppliers only sell to installers; EnPhase for example. Then I found the loophole: Project Solar. For barely more than the materials would have cost alone, they engineered the system and shipped the parts to me, including the EnPhase inverters, racking, boxes, panels, and web-connected combiner. They pulled the permits and submitted the net metering application, and Grant answered all my questions. They’ll hire an electrician to do the finish install, and they even gave me a bit of a refund when I ended up finishing the wiring myself. (I ran all the conduit in the walls for a clean look). All together a 10kw system at $1.50 per watt (after tax break) and I couldn’t be happier watching the new bidirectional digital meter tick numbers backwards.


1850 W Ashton Blvd, STE 500

Lehi, UT
84043 United States


10 year workmanship, 25 year equipment




Liability Insurance

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