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EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 15 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

They promised that this system would meet ALL of our power needs, We spent several hours with their salesman Steven as he assured us that it would cover our needs plus the additional power of a sprinkler pump we were installing. Needless to say the system didn’t perform as promised. As I talked to the owners, Gary and Justin I found that they won’t do anything to correct the problem. Their contract is very vague so there is nothing to fall back on. I later learned that their own system evaluation shows that the system won’t be able to meet my previous power needs let alone with my new pump. They didn’t bother showing me this until after the system was installed.
I had another (competent) company evaluate my system and was told that there is no way my system can do what was promised.
Beware, these folks only care about making the sale and will say nearly anything to get the sale.


14553 S 790 W, Suite C

Bluffdale, UT
84065 United States


25 years – parts, labor, and any roof leaks caused by installation.


NABCEP Certified
REC Certified Installer



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