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Taylor Energy

Established: 2009

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 33 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

When we decided to go solar, I responded to several ads from the big solar companies and spoke with various salespeople at length about the services they offered. Then, in the interest of staying local, I decided to check out Taylor Energy. To be honest, I didn’t think a smaller local company could compete with the larger companies either in terms of price or speed of installation. Thankfully, I was wrong! After all the research I did, I feel confident that Taylor Energy provided better pricing and a much faster turnaround time than any of the larger companies. In terms of service, all the people at Taylor Energy were helpful, kind, down-to-earth, and definitely knew their business. They worked with us closely to determine the optimal solar panel arrangement and inverter location. They smoothly navigated the permit, inspections, and PG&E details. The installation was efficient, it looks great, and I feel confident about their workmanship and warranties. Best of all, we were able to support a local business and get to know some new people in our community. I highly recommend Taylor Energy!


7171 Evan Ave

Sebastopol, CA
95472 United States


10 Years


NABCEP PV Professional installer


Fully Insured; workers comp, general liability, construction bonded, commercial auto liability, etc.


C-46, CSLB Lic. #: 975545