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Established: 2011

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 373 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

I selected SolarUnion after an exhaustive review of about a dozen competitors — I was most interested in customer reviews and track record of completing the job. I’ve been burned before by selecting the low bid only to discover that you get what you pay for … namely, the low bidder will start adding things that are “out of scope”. SolarUnion bid a price for the work and came in at that price — no excuses for things they may have missed in the bidding process, no increases in costs for things that were left out of the original proposal. I found them to be responsive, attentive. I had two challenges with them that were overcome: (1) their primary on-site guy got sick so my job was delayed by two weeks (a few days for his health + 1 1/2 weeks to get my job re-scheduled). I felt they could have moved someone else … they claimed they put my job in ASAP. (2) I sometimes had to follow-up with status from them (which they were fast to respond) instead of them reaching out to tell me. Some of it was in my favor e.g. SolarUnion showed up on property to meet the City inspector and then I got an email (later that morning) that there would be a City inspection. Certainly not a problem. Other times, e.g. when the job was postponed, I followed up with S-U to find out what happened. HOWEVER, I’d give them 5 stars for everything that mattered — pricing, quality of work, speed of work once on-site and follow-through to make sure we’re connected to the grid. And they were always nice and responsive. I’ve already recommended them to two other friends.


6 Persia Avenue

San Francisco, CA
94112 United States


SolarUnion customers enjoy a 25-year power output, workmanship, parts and labor guarantee


SunPower Tax Lease Fund, GreenPACE Capital, Trina Solar, Renew Financial, HERO, YGrene Works, mPOWER.


Panasonic Authorized Installer with Panasonic INC providing a 25 year warranty parts and labor warranty on all SolarUnion systems. LG Pro installer. REC Certified Professional installer. SolarEdge certified installer.


Fully insured/bonded | Insurance policy in excess of $5,000,000 per event at the system level.


Fully licensed electrical and solar contractor (C-10 Electrical and C-46 Solar)

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