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Established: 2009

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 3 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

We’ve had Switch Electric out to do quite a bit of electrical work on our home – everything from adding electric vehicle charging to outlet troubleshooting to running Ethernet cable, and I’ve always been impressed with them and their work. They are always professional, courteous, and the work itself is excellent. This latest project came about fairly quickly – we had previously expressed interest in Solar, and were thinking of doing so next year. In discussing with Tyler in May, he made me aware that the current Washington State incentive was set to reduce at the end of June, so it may be worth running the numbers to see if we could make it work this year instead. Tyler had me follow up with Jeremy if it made sense to go ahead (which it did if we could get it done in time). Jeremy was my main contact for the solar install, and all of my interactions with him just reinforced why I like Switch for all of our electrical work. Jeremy patiently answered all of my questions, and gave me excellent advice on what we didn’t need (for example explaining why I probably didn’t need a battery backup right now given the cost vs benefits). They’d be happy to install anything I wanted, but he encouraged me to look into some alternatives or wait until prices reduced. He also explained the technology they were planning to use (power optimizers with a central inverter) and gave an overview of the whole process. He certainly knows his stuff – and I appreciate him recommending a significantly cheaper setup than I had been planning. Given the compressed timeline to get everything lined up and inspected prior to the end of June, I had been a bit nervous things would be a mad rush (especially given we had a 2 week old baby heading into June and had little time). Switch took care of everything they possibly could, only taking my time when absolutely needed to sign paperwork. I’m sure things were a rush on their end, but we never felt it and were able to focus on our new baby. The install took about a week including everything, with Jeremy and Brett doing the install. Despite some last minute hiccups with parts being available (with the project coming together so quickly) everything finished on schedule and our new solar installation looks and works great! Thanks to both Jeremy and Brett for their patience in being interrupted during the process to answer questions, and for their quick responses to our emails afterwards! A final note – we also had other work done by Switch at the same time, and at one point I think we had just under half of the company out at once doing various installs. I wanted to focus this review on the Solar install we had done, but the rest of the work went excellently as usual and I appreciate the hard work from everyone else too! Thanks Switch! We look forward to having you out again for our next project!


7226 139th Ave NE

Lake Stevens, WA
98258 United States


15 Year workmanship on parts, labor, and roof penetration.


Enphase Ensemble Certification, SunPower Equinox and SunVault Certification, PWRcell Certification


Liberty Mutual



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