Where is Solar Energy Used: Reviews & Information

Solar energy is emerging as one of the most popular forms of alternative energies. With it comes a new way to harness energy for human consumption. What makes solar energy most preferred is its ability to be renewable and its clean nature. Unlike other forms of non-renewable energy that are currently being used, solar energy is a clean alternative that is good for the planet.

Researchers in developed countries have been pioneers in the field of developing solar energy to a more accessible form of energy. From making it more accessible to regular people and offices to making it possible for large scale harnessing and development of a solar energy grid, research has prevailed in many countries. Around the world, solar energy consumption is increasing as more research is done to improve the technology behind solar energy. In these countries, solar energy is used more than countries that do not have as much research being conducted. So, as a corollary relationship may indicate, where is solar energy used? Well, to answer this question, it requires a bit of look into history. Initially, solar energy was developed into electric form in 1839 by an English man called Edmond Becquerel. From this development, the West had taken advantage and sought to advance the use of this newly discovered power source. From then, the innovation spread across the world, capturing Eastern Asia, Africa, South America, and virtually every corner of the world. However, even with the widespread use, solar energy is only being used most in particular parts of the world.

Countries leading in solar energy harnessing and use are saturated mostly in Europe and the Americas as well as Eastern Asia. However, countries that are located in a favorable geographical location to harness the most solar energy powers are located south of the equator.

Germany is the number one country in the production of photo voltaic power, clocking at 32.4 GW of power generated each year. This makes up 31% of the world’s total generated solar energy. This makes up 3% of the country’s total electricity consumption and it set to increase with the years as more research will enable easy accessibility.

Following Germany is Italy, China, and the USA as second, third, and fourth largest producers respectively. Though these countries are not situated in a favorable geographical location, they have implemented favorable policies that allow more research and give a great deal of incentives for consumers to implement PV cells onto their roofs. This includes tax deductibles and other economical incentives.

As for the rest of the world, south of the equator is lagging behind in terms of competing with the leading producers of solar energy. However, already being in a geographical area that receives much exposure is already an advantage. The next step for these countries is to create a favorable outlook in the development of solar energy. As these countries grow, one of the things they should consider is undertaking a serious hauling of re-creating their national grids and take advantage of the naturally occuring favor. This will enable these countries to remain competitive in the global solar energy production race.

Top-10 countries using solar power

Ranking Country GW
1 Germany  35.5
 2 China  18.3
 3 Italy  17.6
 4 Japan 13.6
 5 USA  12
 6 Spain  5.6
 7 France  4.6
 8 Australia  3.3
 9 Belgium  3
10 United Kingdom 2.9

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