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Established: 2008

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 2 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

After reviewing a handful of quotes on the marketplace, we went with YES, which was not the cheapest. We chose YES mainly because they were local to us, had very good reviews on other media and they had a reputation for using quality components. We began the process in October, and we obtained an approximate installation date the week following Thanksgiving. YES assisted with the completion and submission of our HOA application. After being approved, their surveying staff arrived to conduct an initial assessment. Plans were drawn up and submitted to the County by YES, and after all the permits were approved, work began within about a week. I found their surveying and installation team to be very professional, respectful and neat. The install took less than a day. During the install process, their team removed a handful of roof tiles, and set them aside neatly for us. I was impressed with the quality of their worksmanship, including but not limited to the signage on our access boxes.


290 Rickenbacker Circle

Livermore, CA
94551 United States


25 Year Roof Penetrations and Workmanship Warranty


CALSSA, NorCal Solar Association


Enphase Platinum Installer


Fully licensed, bonded and insured (General Liability and Worker’s Compensation)



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