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Established: 2008

EnergySage Rating Value: 5.0 from 13 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

My installation, a 36 panel, 8.5 kw on my shop roof, was completed in June of 2011. A problem was discovered shortly after completion that involved a defect in a couple of inverters. They replaced all of the inverters at that time. In the nearly 9 years a small, intermittent glitch occurred which was quickly resolved at no charge to me. This installation has performed better than expected and my power bill has been negligible every month. It paid for itself in 6.5 years and was one of the best investments I ever made!


9721 Rosedale Hwy

Bakersfield, CA
93312 United States


10 years Workmanship Warranty is provided on all parts and labor. This warranty also covers any roof penetrations made during the installation process.


Business Incorporation: 949411

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