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EnergySage Rating Value: 3.5 from 5 reviews

The last review from EnergySage:

Erus energy destroyed two fuses and a transformer when turning off and on my power, including a ceiling fan. The repairman from Erus took two weeks just to figure out what was wrong with my ceiling fan telling me constantly “I don’t know.” Soon after I notice that my A/C is having issues.


21402 N. 7th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ
85027 United States


Standard 5 year Workmanship warranty.
Everest Racking 25 year product warranty
Solaria 25 year product warranty
Q Cell 12/25 year product warranty
Enphase 25 year product warranty


Certified Aeroseal Dealer
Solaria Pro Partner
Q Partner
#6 on Best Company in AZ


AZ: ROC 305508
NM: GB02 #382417
TX: TECL #30936
SC: G120073
FL: EC13007730

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